Achieving a high level of milk production while maintaining the health of cows is a fundamental goal for breeders. This is possible through the supply of important nutrients. One of these is rumen-protected protein for cattle. It has many benefits and prevents common animal problems. See how much you can gain!

Which protein to choose?

There are two types of protein: rumen protein and protected protein, also called "by-pass". The former is used by cows to produce milk after it has been processed by microorganisms in the rumen. The latter is only metabolized in the intestines and is immediately used by the animals for production purposes. It should be remembered that it is impossible to fully cover the protein requirements of high-yielding cows with commonly available feeds. This is especially true at the beginning of lactation. The best solution is a feed supplement in the form of protected protein for cattle.

Advantages of protected protein

The great advantage of bypass supplements is that they do not increase urea levels, which have a negative effect on the animals. This mainly involves a decrease in production and even life-threatening diseases. Protected protein for cattle helps you avoid such risks and your herd will be healthier. The main benefits of the product include:

These positive effects naturally also improve the economic indicators of production and thus increase profits.

Trust our quality

Remember that using protected protein for cattle has another important aspect - the health of the cows. Ensuring that there are no nutritional deficiencies is the basis for good breeding performance. Trust our products, which are distinguished by their high quality. We produce them from unmodified seed, so they are NON GMO and have GMP+, HACCP, QS and VLOG certificates. In this way, we respond to the appeals of entrepreneurs and customers who are looking for feed that meets the highest production standards.