Young animals do not tolerate high feed doses of cereal seeds or legumes. A different approach is needed for their proper development - especially for piglets. The best solution is soybean meal for piglets. It is ideal from the first week of life until 2-4 weeks after weaning. Try it and see the difference!

Problem-free feeding

It is worth knowing that the heat treatment of soybean meal neutralises the effects of many anti-nutritive factors. You can use soybean meal already in the first feed, the proportion for suckling piglets is a maximum of 20% and for weaned piglets 15%, although this should of course be agreed individually. 2-4 weeks after weaning you can gradually remove this feed additive from the diet. Your animals will be healthy and develop quickly.

Why soybean meal?

The modern production process removes anti-nutritional substances from soybean meal - including the antigenic proteins. It also makes the product very digestible - over 98%. The piglets do not have diarrhoea, so dehydration does not occur. Soybean meal can also be used in milk replacers for calves. Its main advantages are:

Our products

Non-GMO products are increasingly in demand by consumers. We offer high-quality feed, which is confirmed by GMP +, HACCP, QS and VLOG certificates. Thanks to NON GMO soybean meal, the animals absorb their feed eagerly, which makes their growth greater and their condition better. As a breeder, you save money by avoiding unnecessary vet visits. It is a simple step to achieve significantly better production results. We create GMO and NON GMO soybean meal in different locations - they do not come into contact with each other during the production process.