Maintaining an adequate energy balance at each stage of the cow's production cycle is necessary to prevent metabolic disorders and avoid increased expenditure on veterinary care. More and more breeders are noticing that rumen-protected fat for cattle is a necessary component of the feed rations for high-performance animals.

The solution to your problems

The energy needs of cows are usually met with maize silage. However, animals in the postpartum period and in the last days before calving cannot obtain the amount of energy that would cover their milk production needs. This can negatively affect their condition. Therefore, there is a need to increase the concentration and availability of energy. Increasing the silage content is not sufficient and is also difficult as the physical structure may be lost. Furthermore, such a step can lead to the occurrence of rumen acidosis in cattle. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

Our rumen-protected fat

There are two types of fat available on the market. The first is natural and is not treated - mainly all vegetable oils in liquid or solid form. However, because of its negative effect on cows, protected by-pass fat is the best choice. It does not disturb the processes in the rumen environment in any way. Adding it to the feed will not destroy the microflora, so it passes easily into the small intestine where it is absorbed. This improves energy efficiency and therefore the performance of the cows. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the milk is also improved.

Quality guarantee

The use of rumen-protected fat for cattle is a modern and very beneficial step. Every breeder cares about the health and performance of his cows. It is worth investing in the highest quality. Our products offer such a guarantee, because:

With rumen-protected fat you improve your feeding system and increase the profit of your dairy farm.