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Ekstrudat 100L – a feed additive obtained in the process of linseed extrusion which is exposed to high temperature and pressure. An extrusion process is the most common method of raw material thermal treatment and one of the latest methods of treatment resulting in obtaining top quality feeds. Ekstrudat 100L is characteristic for high microbiological purity.

Ingredient name Ingredient content
Total fibre 19,8% w d.m.
Raw fat 41,6% w d.m.
Raw ash 3,4% w d.m.

  1. Intended use
    As a component, it is used in mixed feed for livestock.
  2. Instructions for use
    Used as a feed component which must be enriched with other ingredients according to recipes proper for the respective animal species and growth stages, following the recommendations provided by an animal nutrition specialist.
  3. Storage conditions
    Ekstrudat 100L may be stored in bulk in flat warehouses, storage chambers or silos, protected against the impact of atmospheric conditions and the access of vermin.
  4. Conditions and arrangements concerning transport and delivery destination
    Ekstrudat 100L may be transported in bulk or in Big-Bags in cars equipped with tight loading chambers.
  5. Storage time
    4 months of a production date.

We also offer mixed feed with a varied linseed content – depending on customer’s requirements.

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